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The General
South Africa is not a taxpayer's paradise and is closely linked to Europes economy. The tax rate for companies is similar to that in the EU. The laws do correspond to international right. In the EU you could find many wines, cars, raw materials, products and services from South Africa. The entry costs for entrepreneurs and investors are quite high and do start at around EUR 250.000,-. In return, entrepreneurs will find cheap labor, European culture, good infrastructure, cheap real estate, good training opportunities and low running costs compared to Europe. - (ID01)
If you want or need to work with European or German companies, we can do this through partners or our Representation in Germany. Our partners charge a premium on our favorable conditions and thus cover the administrative and taxable expenses. You also have personal contact persons on site. The technical communication can directly be done with us. - (ID02)
South Africa is described as an emerging country. We experience South Africa as modern, progressive and with enormous potential. Glasfiber internet was implemented much earlier than one could imagine. Roads and bridges are in very good conditions. Visit South Africa. It is allways worth a trip. - (ID03)
The "official language" in South Africa is English. We speak German and English fluently. - (ID04)
We are on your side. With a brand logo which is deliberately neutral, no direct conclusions can be drawn about an external employee or our company. We consider local regulations to the requirements of external employees. Details can be clarified in personal interview. - (ID05)
Zebtec is a fantasy brand name. The brand name was formed from the words "zebra" and "technology" and is intended to reflect our origins from South Africa and the technical aspect of our actions. Abbreviated, we use Zebtec as "Zt" in our neutral brand logo. The brand logo also consists of an embroidered zebra skin pattern.

Sometimes viewers of the brand logo recognize an "M" instead of the zebra skin pattern. The "M" could be seen as an abbreviation for the English "MEP". ("MEP" = Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing - Disciplines).

The abbreviation "HVAC" is also used very often instead of "MEP" ("HVAC" = Heating, Ventilation, Air condition).
In German the abbreviation "TGA" is used instead of "HVAC" ("TGA" = Technische Gebäude Ausrüstung / translated: Technical building installation). - (ID06)
The Technical
We focus on international projects. We have more than 25 years of experience in German projects and are therefore familiar with the VOB, the BGB and the HOAI.

VOB = Verdingungs Ordnung Bauleistung. (Specific German contractual basis for contractors and builders).
BGB = Bürgerliches Gesetz Buch. (German civil law). Now there is blockchain and BIM as a method.
HOAI = Honorar Ordnung Architekten Ingenieure. (Specific German regulations for professional fees of architects and engineers).
- (ID100)
Yes. We work daily with the current rules and observe the DIN, EN, VDI, ASR, DVGW, TrinkwV etc.. If we do not own the current rules already, we can access them by means of online access. The costs for this are not included in our all-in prices and are charged separately.

DIN = Deutsches Institut Normung. (German norm institute).
EN = Euro Norm. (European norm).
VDI = Verein Deutscher Ingenieure. (German body for engineers).
ASR = Arbeits Stätten Richtlinie. (German workplace guidelines).
DVGW = Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches. (German body for gas and water supply).
KTA = Kerntechnischer Ausschuss (Guidelines for nuclear facilities)
TrinkwV = Trinkwasser Verordnung. (German regulation drinking water)
- (ID101)
All technical related answers are just available from our Zebra and Experts. - (ID102)
All technical related answers are just available from our Zebra and Experts. - (ID103)
All technical related answers are just available from our Zebra and Experts. - (ID104)
All technical related answers are just available from our Zebra and Experts. - (ID105)
All technical related answers are just available from our Zebra and Experts. - (ID106)
All technical related answers are just available from our Zebra and Experts. - (ID107)
All technical related answers are just available from our Zebra and Experts. - (ID108)
We create technical specification schedules for most HVAC trades. They can be delivered as PDF, Excel or also XML and the in Germany usual GAEB format. Customized preliminary remarks can be integrated. - (ID109)
We see ourselves as a complementary service provider for engineers. As a MEP system planner with extensive practical experience, we offer not only working according to specifications. We are experienced in all performance phases of the HOAI. Our customers feel the cooperation regularly as profitable and enriching. We can provide each service completely independently. You will allways receive solutions from us. - (ID110)
Yes. You have a technical problem with a MEP system (central heating, ventilation, air conditioning, drinking water, control technology)? We offer an analytical error diagnosis and accompany the optimization, cost calculation for the correction of the defects up to the elimination of errors. A support aggreement is a standard. I advance scheduled periods are mandatory. Travel restrictions must be adhered to. - (ID111)
Yes. We have our own service vehicles, tools and measuring instruments. - (ID112)
Sprinkler systems require special expertise and special software combined with product know-how. For this reason, we do not design any system wich are relevant to safety. We certainly design dry systems for localized fire protection if no special safety requirements are mandatory. Further we assist in the separation of fire extinguishing systems from drinking water networks. In addition, we can plan pressure elevators and separation stations for the supply of isolated hydrant systems. This services we do provide if no special requirements are involved. - (ID113)
The Commercial
Do not worry. We offer an EU-SEPA account for transfers. In addition you have the possibility to pay by credit card. Just as you wish. If you are working with us, an invoice and payment solution will provided according to local regulations. - (ID200)
Project phases with maturities of 1 day till 10 months are customary. Longer bets are possible by arrangement. We ask for your understanding that our employees have to leave or have to fulfill their obligations. Let us discuss about your individual needs to find a solution. - (ID201)
Many of our services are available from one day onwards. You will find information on our booking pages. Let us discuss your needs in the individual case. - (ID202)
You can cooperate with us directly and could find us in Essen, Germany. Additionally Zebtec cooperates with selected clients in your country. If you need it, you could ask us for a quotation we send you conveniant. - (ID203)
European project contracts are closed in EUR. Alternative currencies such as ZAR are possible if you want to make foreign transfers. - (ID204)
For European projects, we usually only agree seperated on a court of jurisdiction in the customer's country as part of a contract. - (ID205)
Yes you will receive proof of a valid liability insurance upon request. - (ID206)
Do not worry. Zebtec is allowed to operate legally and unrestrictedly in the EU.
Of course, a valid health insurance for our employees is guaranteed. - (ID208)
We employ our own technical staff, as well as gardeners and space managers for our operational needs. - (ID209)
Each project has to been seen individually. Prices shown on our websites are daily feen and explain the content. Much depends on the range of services, mobility, accommodation and the project location. Usual costs can be up to 90,- EUR/h or end in additional daily fee. Initial talks can be booked free of charge on our website. - (ID210).
Zebtec cooperates with engineering firms, builders, general contractors, architects, companies, investors and construction service providers. Every inquiry is welcome and we make sure that you get a suitable solution. - (ID211)
Every booking via our website is a pre-order or request. On the basis of inquiry, pre-order or booking, you will receive a confirmation of start date and period. Scheduling we do according to the incoming cue. - (ID212)
Yes. We can hand over reference contacts in the first call. This way, you can convince yourself regardless of our performance. Our reference contacts consist of well-known, internationally known customers as Companies, Authorities and State. - (ID213)